Smart Energy Today may be installing in your area this week.
  • In the mail: I received a personal mailed invitation with an RSVP code.
  • By email: I was invited by email and am interested in attending a community event.
  • By a friend: I was invited by a friend who has been to an event before or is attending this week and I would like to sit next to them.
  • I am paying to much: I feel my bills should be lower and I want to explore my options.
  • My rates just went up: I just noticed I'm paying more on my bill and I want a consultation to get it lowered.
  • I am considering solar to lower my bills: I have been looking into solar and I want a FREE solar design completed on my home.
  • I'm shopping: I just want to know the price of something so I would like to speak with someone.
  • I need more info: I think I know what I want but have some questions first.
  • I have a unique situation: My home is being built or I have a complicated energy situation and I need a one on one conversation with an energy expert.